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Fabulous Theme Park Rides for All the Family!

Family Fun Days Out

Paying for Rides

At Southport Pleasureland we now operate an e-card token system, called a FUN CARD, to enable visitors to enjoy all of the rides and attractions in the park.

Simply visit the Token Kiosks and you’ll be able to pick up your Southport Pleasureland Fun Card and souvenir lanyard for just £1. No more cramming your tokens in your pockets or your wallet/purse – all your purchased tokens go straight onto your FUN CARD! The new credit card sized FUN CARD is small, convenient and very simple to use AND you can use it AGAIN and AGAIN during the season in which you purchased it!

Easy to use

At each ride or attraction, your card is quickly scanned and the tokens required for that particular ride are deducted automatically. If you forget how many tokens are on your card(s), don’t worry. At the token kiosks and in various places around the park you’ll find easy to use FUN CARD stations that will tell you exactly how many tokens you have left. If your balance is running low and you want to stay longer, you can top up your card at any time or you can set yourself a maximum so you make sure you keep within your budget! (minimum spend is £10)

Simple to top up

Each token costs £1 and rides/attractions range from two to four tokens per person, depending on the type of ride or attraction (the majority of rides cost between two and three tokens). Tokens can be purchased and topped up at the main token box in the centre of Southport Pleasureland or at other convenient kiosks around the park (card transactions should be carried out at the main token box).

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Fun Stalls Around the Park

Test your ability on the hanging game – hang on to the suspended bar for two minutes to win a cash prize! Seems to be one for the boys so far so come on girls, show your strength!

Good at goal scoring? Try the penalty shoot out or basketball stalls!

Or plain bonkers fun – how many frogs can you hit as they bob up and down or how many Minnions’ teeth can you knock out?!

We’ve got lots of stalls, including traditional Arabian Derby, Hook a Duck, Darts challenge and shooting so come and test your skills and maybe compete against your friends! All with quality prizes to be won.


Giant Observation Wheel - 360° views across to Wales and the Lake District from Southport’s tallest structure!

Caterpillar - Colourful, cute and brilliant family fun! A great ride with just enough tummy tickling for the youngsters!

Matterhorn - Riding up and down over the snowy moguls, these cars will swing you back and forth!



Timeless fun for families! No kiddie can resist sitting in the giant teacups which gently spin while the ride goes round.


Retro and Racy! Get spun around and join in the shrieks and laughter on this ever-popular ride!


Will you brave the highest points of the ship? Or sit in the middle for less tummy flips?! Enjoy the views of the beach as the pirate ships takes you up in the air and down again!


A traditional roller coaster that twists and turns at alarming angles to keep your heart racing!
family fun days out
family fun days out
Family Fun Days Out